Survey study on flexible-modality placements
Survey and Analysis of the Magic Cube: OUNL case
Students semester report from Labour Market in Europe
Erasmus – Facts, Figures & Trends
Final report
The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience
State-of-the-art Report
Work Based Induction Training and Support in Europe
State-of-the-art in support of virtual placements
A study carried out in the framework of the EU-VIP project
Stimulating Employability through Cross Sector Virtual Mobility
Code of practice for the assurance of academic quality and standards in higher education

Papers, presentations

3 in 1 - Recent challenges faced by higher education and the solution: E-learning
Nem középiskolás fokon TANÍ-TANI
Az európai fiatalok vállalkozási aktivitásának és nemzetközi mobilitásának sajátosságai
Virtual Mobility: An Alternative or Complement to Physical Mobility?
Las Prácticas virtuales y la innovación technológica en el contexto universidad-empresa
Innovación tecnológica y prácticas virtuales en el contexto universidad-empresa
Models and Practices of Virtual Internships outside Europe
Proceedings of the 2012 Placement and Employability Professionals’ Conference
From Emerging to Good Practice:
Flexible Master class Entrepreneurship and Virtual Business Planning at UNED
Methodology and Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Courses
Promoting the Learning Mobility of Future Workers: Experiments with Virtual Placements in University-Business Arrangements
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Mobile applications for VIWE

Mobile Learning Environment – MLE of VIWE
MLE Moodle application

Internship 2.0 - IT mobile results

project reports/products of students

Talk Tech 2011

Social Passport - Group 12

Fixlab - Group 17

Zite - Group 25

Talk Tech 2012

Jukebox - Group 12

Pixable - Group 18

Synergy with relevant projects

Lingobee by SiMoLa project
ICALT 2012
ISETC 2012
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