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Glossary of MinSE

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A process of removing organic compounds, such as grease or oil, from the surface(s) of an object by means of ultrasonic agitation in an organic solvent.   Ultrasonic degreasing can be used in conjunction with immersion solvent cleaning or vapour degreasing which enhances the degreasing effect, especially in the case of intricate objects.

Hungary flag Ultrahangos zsírtalanítás


The unbalanced magnetron is a magnetron sputter cathode in which the outer magnetic field is made slightly stronger than the inner field, i.e., the magnetic fields are unbalanced.     This enables more ions to escape the cathode and so contribute to raising the current density at the negatively biased substrate; this increases substrate temperatures, obvating the need for auxiliary heaters and improves coating adherence.  The technique was devised by Dr Brian Window of CSIRO, Lindfield Laboratories in Australia during the mid 1980's.  It is the most important devlopments in sputter deposition  technology in recent years.

Hungary flag Kiegyensúlyozatlan magnetron


Deposition of a tough metallic layer onto the surface of an object prior to cladding by welding;  minimizes the risk of subsequent cracking and spalling of the clad layer

Hungary flag Aláfektetés

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