International Internship AGORA

Universities of the 21st Century are expected to reconsider their relationship with both regional and global economy. Practical placement may act as an important pillar of it, as well as a multifunctional tool for improving the employability of graduates. While flexibility of course delivery and physical/virtual mobility have received quite a lot of attention, leading to widely available good practice cases/guidelines, in contrast much less focus were directed on the improvement of flexibility and internationalization of practical placement periods.
The prime objective of the I2AGORA project is to open up synergic potential between EU projects, focused on this challenging area. Survey, systematization and synthetisation of previously implemented and running relevant projects will follow a 3*3 dimensional approach - a „magic" cube of Virtual Internship Programs – involving:
  • vertical dimensions – periods of internship in chronological order, (pre-, implementation and post-internship activities),
  • horizontal dimensions – pedagogical patterns, technological tools and methodological models, as elements of the „educational" approach,
  • layers of actors/stakeholders: student, university and enterprise.
Magic cube

In the form of special pilot internship programs – announced and managed by the partners – students from all over EU will be involved in the overall process (survey, analysis, development of IT tools), represented by student organisations.