I2AGORA will deliver:
  1. Multilingual Intern-Gateway as a one-stop access point to VIP projects, guidelines, etc.
  2. IdeAgora - a web based meeting point for sharing ideas and solutions within the Community of Practice.
  3. Versatile support in using ICT-based, modern working environment by all stakeholders.
  4. A multiplication of the impact by „Employability Cliniques" events with proven showcases.
  5. A confrontation of conventional placement assumptions with flexible models, leading to recommendations for the European policy.
All results and deliverables can be also accessed via Ide-AGORA portal.

International Internship Agora Final Report (Public part)
D2.1 Survey study on flexible-modality placements
D2.2 Compendium of Calls for International Internship Pilots
D3.1 Virtual Internship Working Environment (VIWE)
D3.2.1 Lessons-learnt – Evaluation of Internship 2.0 by I2AGORA Partners
D3.2.2a Lessons-learnt – Evaluation of Internship 2.0
D3.2.2b Lessons-learnt – Evaluation of Internship 2.0 - Final evaluation of Pilot cases, Romania
D3.2.2c Lessons-learnt – Evaluation of Internship 2.0 - Final evaluation of Pilot cases, Hungary
D3.3 Survey and Analysis of the Magic Cube: OUNL case
D4.3a I2AGORA Madrid Clinique Post-event Report
D4.3b I2AGORA Timisoara Employability Clinique - Post-event Report
D5.1.1 Set of Case Studies and Guidelines
D5.1.2 Guidelines for diagnosing and remedying obstacles
D5.1.3 Guidelines and Pedagogical Patterns based on good practice examples
D5.1.4 I2AGORA Report and Recommendations as outcomes of Clinique Events: Recommendations to EU policy
D7.2&3 Dissemination via internet & printed materials
D7.4 Publications in proceedings
D8.2 Final exploitation event
D8.4.1 Sharing of Experiences on Virtual/Virtually Supported Mobility/Work Placement Programs in Europe
D8.4.2 Could the Economy benefit from Exchange Programs?
D8.4.3a Links to existing quick guides
D8.4.3b Quick guide (EE)
D8.4.3c Quick guide (ES)
D8.4.3d Quick guide (HU)
D8.4.3e Quick guide (RO)